Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne announced that the IMPACT Wrestling World Title has been vacated. However, we’ll soon crown a new champion, as Eddie Edwards, Ace Austin, and Trey will face a mystery opponent for the title in a four-way match at IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary.
The IMPACT World Championship has been declared vacant but a brand new champion will be crowned on July 18th at #Slammiversary! It will be @TheEddieEdwards vs. @TheTreyMiguel vs. @The_Ace_Austin vs. a mystery opponent for the IMPACT World Championship. #IMPACTonAXSTV
Tonight’s main event featured The Rascalz‘ Trey taking on Madman Fulton. Trey has found himself in a pretty incredible spot after losing out on his opportunity to challenge for the IMPACT Wrestling World Title. He looked to take out Ace’s monster tonight to send a message.
That and a lot more tonight! We kicked off the IMPACT Wrestling with Chris Bey, the No.1 contender to Willie Mack’s X-Division Championship.
Bey was able to take Suicide out with a springboard corkscrew arm drag and attempted a standing moonsault. He landed on his feet when Suicide rolled out of the way.
Suicide planted Bey with an atomic drop followed by running dropkick for a two-count. Bey found himself on Suicide’s shoulders where he was dropped with an electric chair drop facebuster. However, putting his knees up, Bey blocked a springboard moonsault, putting the Ultimate Finesser back in the game.
A heavy clothesline gave Bey the nearfall. The former X-Division Champion responded with an abdominal stretch, rolling into a two-count. Bey hung Suicide up in the ropes for a windmill kick, earning another two-count.
Following a back suplex, Bey missed a second rope moonsault, allowing Suicide to shoot him off for a shotgun dropkick. A series of chops and palm strikes lit up Bey. Suicide hit a flying forearm and running boot in the corner before setting up for a German suplex.
Suicide sends @DashingChrisBey FLYING into the turnbuckles. #IMPACTonAXSTV
Bey escaped but was driven into the mat with a leaping double stomp. He kicked out at two. Both Bey and Johnny Swinger rushed Suicide and were dumped to the floor. A dive from the top took out both men.
Suicide with an INCREDIBLE dive. #IMPACTonAXSTV
Back inside, Bey escaped a pinfall for a leaping knee. Suicide managed to drop Bey and moved to the top for the win. However, Bey distracted the ref screaming about this knee, allowing Swinger to shove Suicide off. Bey followed that up with his springboard Fameasser for the win.
.@DashingChrisBey has all the momentum on the road to #Slammiversary. #IMPACTonAXSTV
Results: Chris Bey defeated Suicide via pinfall.
Grade: B-
Gia Miller interviewed Moose backstage. The “TNA World Champion” would defend his title against Crazzy Steve later on tonight on IMPACT Wrestling. Moose said Steve thinks everything is a joke.
.@TheMooseNation plans to show @steveofcrazzy that he’s the best wrestler in the world TONIGHT! #IMPACTonAXSTV
Tonight he finds out that Moose is no joke.
Backstage, Swinger was bragging about fooling the referee in the last match. Said ref appeared behind Swinger, revealing that he would be banned from ringside during the X-Division Championship match at IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary.
Reno Scum assaulted TJP and Fallah Bahh during their entrance. They recovered quickly enough, and Bahh kicked off the match with Luster the Legend. TJP was the legal man, however, and rolled the big man up for a near fall.
Bahh tagged in and was launched into Luster for a big body splash. TJP followed up for one of his own before Luster was met with a belly to belly from Bahh. Putting TJP on his back, Bahh dropped onto Luster with a body splash, giving TJP a two-count.
As TJP set up for a triangle dropkick, Thornstowe yanked his partner out of the way before yanking TJP down to the apron. Luster took TJP to Pity City before Scum battered the former X-Division Champion into a pulp.
Bahh managed to tag in, leading to the big man running rampant on Reno Scum. Luster saved Thornstowe from a Samoan Drop, and allowed him to connect with a flying double stomp on the spine of Bahh.
Big double stomp by @Thornstowe_Scum leaping off the back of @legendbaby81. #IMPACTonAXSTV
TJP tagged back in, but Luster saved Thornstowe again with a big boot. Thornstowe set TJP up on the second rope. However, TJP sent him into the arms of Fallah Bahh, who dropped him with the Samoan Drop after taking out Luster.
TJP and the Mamba Splash put Reno Scum away.
Samoan Drop. Mamba Splash. Job done. #IMPACTonAXSTV @MegaTJP @FALLAH1
Results: TJP & Fallah Bahh defeated Reno Scum via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.
Grade: B-
It was time for another episode of Locker Room Talk. Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger brought in John E. Bravo, looking to get the scoop on his relationship with Rosemary. We’ve seen them growing close on IMPACT Wrestling as of late. Rayne couldn’t get Bravo to spill the beans, and brought Rosemary in.
.@MadisonRayne tried to get to the bottom of @WeAreRosemary and @JohnEBravo1st‘s relationship but she got an even bigger scoop – Rosemary and @TheTayaValkyrie are now officially tag team partners! #IMPACTonAXSTV
Rosemary teleported in and asked Bravo to explain their relationship. Swinger cut in, claiming you could cut the sexual tension with a knife edge chop…that is….he and Rosemary, not Bravo. Bravo stood up to Swinger, exciting Rosemary who was hoping they’d kill each other.
Rayne asked if they were in love before getting cut off by Taya Valkyire. The former IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion wanted to know if her “bestie” would be her tag team partner. Rosemary agreed, officially giving us the union of the Demon & The Valkyrie on IMPACT Wrestling.
The North was out next. The IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions called out Ken Shamrock for being “crazy” and having “rage issues.” They knew that future IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famer would never find a tag team partner, and were happy to destroy Ken Shamrock on a weekly basis.
.@OfficialEGO continues to antagonize @ShamrockKen. Is that wise? #IMPACTonAXSTV
Shamrock came out, looking to tear into Josh Alexander and Ethan Page. Shamrock wasn’t afraid, but managed to find some unexpected backup in is his rival Sami Calihan.
“Who needs friends when you’ve got an enemy?” @TheSamiCallihan just helped @ShamrockKen take out The North! #IMPACTonAXSTV @OfficialEGO @Walking_Weapon
Callihan and Shamrock destroyed The North, sending the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions up the ramp. Shamrock reached for a handshake, but Callihan teleported away beforehand.
“Honestly a couple of good brothers like you will fit right in here.” The North will regret interrupting @ScottDAmore‘s phone call because they’ll face @TheSamiCallihan and @ShamrockKen at #Slammiversary! #IMPACTonAXSTV @Walking_Weapon @OfficialEGO
They ran into Scott D’Amore backstage, complaining about the beat down they’d received. D’Amore gave them the opportunity to get some revenge and defend their motherland (Canada) in an IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Match against Shamrock & Callihan at IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary.
.@FultonWorld took out @TheTreyMiguel, now Trey is out for revenge. #IMPACTonAXSTV
Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Trey backstage, looking to get some words on his main event match with Madman Fulton tonight. Fulton, supposedly, was the man behind his two attacks in the past few months.
.@TheMooseNation‘s championship introductions are becoming increasingly demanding. #IMPACTonAXSTV
Moose defended the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match next, and demanded David Penzer announce him correctly, yet again.
Moose took Crazzy Steve to the mat with a big shoulder block. A slap to Moose angered the champ, allowing Steve to send him to the floor. Moose caught him going for a dive, slamming him on the apron.
Steve’s head was swung into the steel steps, leaving the challenger coughing up blood. Back inside the ring, Moose continued to punish Steve, battering his ribs. Steve caught him moving in the ropes with a running uppercut and tried to build up some steam, but was immediately taken down with a kitchen sink running knee.
Moose amped up the pressure on the ribs of the former IMPACT Wrestling tag Team Champion with an abdominal stretch. Moose took Steve to the top, but Steve blocked a superplex, sending Moose toppling to the mat after biting the champ in the face and dropping him with a sunset flip powerbomb.
.@steveofcrazzy turns the tide with a sunset flip powerbomb! #IMPACTonAXSTV
Steve rolled Moose up for a nearfall and hit a shining wizard and cannonball senton in the corner. As Steve dove off the top, Moose caught him, sending him overhead with a fallaway slam. Following that, Moose cut Steve in half with the Lights Out Speara, giving him another successful title defense.
Results: Moose defeated Crazzy Steve via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.
Grade: C+
.@TheMooseNation just attacked @THETOMMYDREAMER for no reason at all! #IMPACTonAXSTV
Following the match, Moose continued to beat down Steve. Tommy Dreamer and some more officials rushed in to make the save. Moose attacked Dreamer, sending a message to the IMPACT Wrestling locker room.
When we returned from the break, Tommy Dreamer was in the ring speaking about IMPACT Wrestling’s TNA World Champion. Dreamer said Moose is one of the most talented athletes in the world. He became an NFL player, not because he dreamed of it, but because his friends asked him to. He became a wrestler, not because of a dream, but because he was chasing a paycheck.
Dreamer followed up saying that Moose couldn’t cut it here, which is why he made his own championship. He couldn’t win in IMPACT Wrestling. The world is on fire right now, but IMPACT Wrestling has done their best to entertain their fans. Not Moose, though.
“The truth hurts – nobody ever paid to see you play in the NFL and nobody ever paid to see you wrestle.” A PASSIONATE and FIRED UP @THETOMMYDREAMER is sick of @TheMooseNation wasting all of his talent. #IMPACTonAXSTV
Moose is still complaining about catering instead of thanking them for the free food. Dreamer is ready to put an end to Moose, and called him a waste of talent. He was a footnote in the NFL, and he’ll be an NFL in the world of professional wrestling.
Backstage, Hernandez was facing The Deaners in an armwrestling match. Cousin Jake lost, but…Cody Deaner lost as well. No crazy comeback for the Deaners tonight.
Kiera Hogan took Havok to the corner early, but the Kaiju Queen overpowered the Girl on Fire with an overhead toss. Hogan struggled to get her equilibrium back, and was slammed in the middle of the ring.
Tasha Steelz tried to interfere but was booted immediately into the barricade. Hogan took advantage of the distraction, taking Havok to the mat for some punches. She locked in a sleeper hold, but Havok drove her into the ring post,, breaking the hold. Hogan locked it in again, this time using the turnbuckle for some extra height…and her hair as a weapon.
Hogan and Steelz began talking trash, allowing Havok to dump her with a snapmare. A backbreaker broke Hogan in half. A series of running boots left Hogan out cold in the corner.
Steelz distracted Havok and the ref and tossed Havoc’s mask to Hogan. As Havok turned around, she was hit with the mask. Hogan followed up with a superkick and a roundhouse to the head.
.@HoganKnowsBest3 just STOLE a win against @FearHavok! #IMPACTonAXSTV
Results: Kiera Hogan defeated Havok via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.
Grade: C+
Moose addressed Tommy Dreamer’s comments on him earlier. The IMPACT Wrestling TNA World Champion claimed that what Dreamer said was slander, and if he doesn’t issue a public apology, he’ll sue Dreamer and IMPACT Wrestling.
Trey launched himself at his long-time rival Ace Austin but was later caught by the big man. Madman Fulton‘s big shots in the ring missed, but he caught Trey again coming out of the air, launching him across the ring in the final match of this week’s IMPACT Wrestling.
.@FultonWorld SHUTS DOWN all of @TheTreyMiguel‘s momentum with a chokeslam. #IMPACTonAXSTV
Trey went for a springboard arm drag but was caught with a chokeslam instead. A military press slam dropped Trey from on high. Fulton followed up with a reverse wheelbarrow facebuster.
Fulton caught Trey’s scorpion kick, launching him overhead. Trey’s head was bounced off the turnbuckle repeatedly while Ace Austin teased him. Fulton launched him into the ropes, but Trey countered it with a moonsault into a sleeper hold.
Trey managed to hold on despite Fulton swinging him around for a sidewalk slam, continuing to choke the life out of Ace Austin’s monster. Trey’s scorpion kick connected, and a kicking combination rocked the big man. A springboard tornado DDT was countered into a northern lights suplex. Trey kicked out.
Fulton set Trey up on the top rope, but Trey decided to send a message instead of winning the match, cracking Fulton with Austin’s cane.
Results: Madman Fulton defeated Trey via DQ on IMPACT Wrestling.
Grade: B-
.@TheTreyMiguel took the fight to @FultonWorld and @The_Ace_Austin to stand tall at the end of IMPACT! #IMPACTonAXSTV
Trey battered Fulton and Austin after the match with a chair, leaving him standing amidst the chaos as we wrapped up the show.
#Slammiversary is going to be SUPER! #IMPACTonAXSTV
We were shown one final tease before the end tonight. The iconic “Super Eric” costume was shown, with a mystery person yanking the mask as his music played. Will we see Super Eric at IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary?
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