We’ve finally arrived. Impact Uncaged, featuring two huge title bouts. Johnny Impact has been surrounded by three incredibly dangerous challengers for months; the Machine Brian Cage, and the deadly duo of Killer Kross and Moose. Impact faces his toughest challenge yet, as he has to defend the Impact World Championship against all three men in a Fatal-4-Way match tonight.
We would also see the finals of the World Cup tonight, pitting Team Impact (Fallah Bah, Eli Drake, Eddie Edwards, and Sami Callihan) against Team AAA.
Tessa Blanchard was screwed out of the Knockouts Championship at Homecoming back in January when Gail Kim, the special guest referee, interfered, allowing Taya Valkyrie to steal the belt. Tonight, she got her chance at redemption in a match with the champ. Taya needed to prove that she could beat Blanchard on her own. She’d have to prove that in a dangerous Street Fight, however, and take on someone who had nothing to lose in Blanchard.
Blanchard rushed Valkyrie during her entrance with a chair. The champ avoided her assault, sending her back down the ramp. She brought Blanchard back inside, along with a chair. Blanchard cut her off as she got back in, then set the chair up in the turnbuckle, looking to send Valkyrie head first into the steel.
.@TheTayaValkyrie totally overpowers Tessa with a huge German Suplex. #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT78lVE pic.twitter.com/oDQnAXUnt1
Valkyrie stopped herself, then avoided a clothesline, sending Blanchard onto her head with a German suplex. Valkyrie then laid in some heavy kicks to the spine of the challenger before tossing her to the outside. Valkyrie played to the crowd a bit, then looked to take Blanchard out for a suicide dive, only to be met with a steel chair to the face. Blanchard took control of the bout here, slamming Valkyrie into the ring post and setting her up against the barricade.
Vicious dropkick to a chair into @TheTayaValkyrie‘s face by @Tess_Blanchard. #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/YByq3FWAd4
Blanchard launched a chair into her head, then connected with a running dropkick into the chair, crushing Valkyrie’s head between it and the steel barricade. Valkyrie attempted to fight back, slamming a steel pan across the back of Blanchard’s head, but was immediately tossed over the barricade. Blanchard cut off another comeback, superkicking Valkyrie in the knee as she dove off the barricade.
.@Tess_Blanchard violently chokes the life out of Taya with a cable. #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT78lVE pic.twitter.com/3BQB9LvDEX
Blanchard wrapped the steel chair around Valkyrie’s head and neck then shoved her into the ring post. Valkyrie stumbled to her feet as Blanchard went to pick up some cables. Back in the ring, Blanchard began choking the champion out with the cords. Blanchard ripped off Valkyrie’s shirt and spit on it, before throwing it back in her face.
.@TheTayaValkyrie sidesteps Tessa and sends her flying into a steel chair in the corner. #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/Csn3Ew96yx
Blanchard stalked Valkyrie, as she stood near the corner with the chair, but was sidestepped, driving her head first into the chair. Valkyrie leveled Blanchard with multiple clotheslines, and a running double knee seemingly left Blanchard unconscious in the corner. Valkyrie set up a cooking pan in between Blanchard’s legs, then hammered it in with a chair. Blanchard broke out of the pin attempt, and escaped from the Road to Valhalla, dropping Valkyrie to the mat with a full nelson facebuster.
Blanchard repeatedly pelted the back of Valkyrie’s skull with chairs, but the Knockouts Champion continued to kick out. Blanchard went up top, only to be stopped by a flying chair from Valkyrie. Valkyrie dropped Blanchard from the top with a Samoan drop, crashing onto the pile of chairs in the ring below as we went to commercial break.
ABSOLUTE CARNAGE!!!@Tess_Blanchard folds @TheTayaValkyrie in half with a Spear into the wooden board. #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/7eUpHutFh0
Back from commercial, Valkyrie and Blanchard were trading strikes. The two women then sat down in chairs and continuously slapped each other before Valkyrie had enough, sending a chair into Blanchard’s face and shoving it into her skull with a boot. Valkyrie went for a clothesline when Blanchard got back up, only to be speared by the former champion into a tall board. It didn’t break, however, and Blanchard speared her into it again.
Valkyrie managed to kick out, somehow but had to try to recover fast, as Blanchard got another table. Blanchard set her up on the table, only to be shoved off the top rope. Valkyrie took her down on the outside with a diving crossbody.
WHAT A WAR!@TheTayaValkyrie defeats @Tess_Blanchard with an INSANE double stomp through the table. #IMPACTWATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/bp3iD54c4D
Back in the ring, Blanchard kicked out of the pinfall. Blanchard avoided a submission but was met with a knee to her face for her trouble. Placed on the table, Blanchard was driven through the wood with a diving double stomp. Valkyrie finally put her away.
Result: Taya Valkyrie defeated Tessa Blanchard via pinfall to retain the Knockouts Championship

Backstage, the four members of Team Impact looked to get on the same page ahead of the finals of the World Cup tonight. Callihan walked off after claiming he was the captain. Fallah Bah seemed to annoy the Draw, allowing Eli Drake to get in some time on the mic.
Drake said that the only way they would win tonight was if all of them brought their A game. Callihan needed to be a psychopath, Bah needed to abuse his weight, Drake needed to be Drake, and Eddie Edwards needed to drop Kenny and the hardcore schtick and be the wrestler he could be.
A knee to the gut early gave Page the upper hand at the beginning of the match, landing some tough shots on Mack. However, Mack shot into the corner, got into Page’s head, and avoided an attack from All Ego for a running rolling elbow.
“WHY WILLIE?!”@Willie_Mack unleashes the most devastating offense of all time on @OfficialEGO. #IMPACTWATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/TOnffI0swv
Mack put Page in the couple so he could twist his nipples. Page screamed, asking “Why?!” but managed to shake it off and send Mack down to the mat with a DDT. Page pelted Mack with fists to the jaw.
.@OfficialEGO nails a fantastic flying enziguiri on Mack. #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/tV6WJfE9p2
However, back in his feet, Mack blocked a suplex, dropping Page with a suplex of his own. Mack shot Page off into the corner, but Page countered a running splash with a boot before catching Mack with a leaping enziguri from the middle rope.
Mack avoided an attack in the corner, catching Page with a running elbow and boot, followed by a running cannonball senton. A Samoan drop planted Page in the middle of the ring. Mack hit a kip up, then brought all of his weight down on Page with a standing moonsault.
Standing moonsault by @Willie_Mack! #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/nKLeEMgcsK
Mack went for the stunner but was blocked by Page, who connected with a boot and a suplex. Page and Mack attempted to put each other away. Page blocked another stunner, but as he tried to go for a uranage slam, Mack countered into the stunner, finally connecting and picking up the win.
Result: Willie Mack defeated Ethan Page via pinfall

In a backstage promo, Killer Kross said that everyone in the match tonight has already beaten Johnny Impact. He said that no matter what happened tonight, he wasn’t going away and that everyone must, at some point, pay the toll.

oVe were shown following Willie Mack into the locker room just as we went to commercial.
Melissa Santos interviewed the four members of Team AAA ahead of the 4-on-4 match later on in the evening. All four men looked to be putting on a united front, and it seemed that they were ready to put everything aside for the good of AAA, leaving fans wondering what kind of chance Impact had tonight.
Team @luchalibreaaa is ready for the World Cup tonight! #IMPACT @aaaerostar1 @Psychooriginal @PumaKingOficial WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/sT2GKw0et8
Sami Callihan said that everything Rich Swann said about him last week was fake news. Swann had been talking about how manipulative the leader of oVe could be, but Callihan claimed that he just wanted to be the family that they are backstage. He then told Swann that if he wanted to continue their friendship, he had to come out and finally join oVe, and this would be his last opportunity.
Today is @GottaGetSwann‘s birthday. He has rejected @TheSamiCallihan‘s gift of an oVe shirt. #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/ImWlvAPz32
Swann came out, X-Division Championship across his shoulder, came down to the ring, but before he could talk, Callihan confronted him, saying that the time is now. He told Swann that it was in his best interest to put on the shirt. Swann threw it in Callihan’s face, and the Callihan Death Machine attacked the champion with the mic. Callihan went for the piledriver, but Swann escaped, sending him outside after an array of kicks.
.@TheSamiCallihan DESTROYED @GottaGetSwann and threw him OFF THE STAGE! #IMPACTWATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/hjhoeOXiHA
A Phoenix Splash to the outside rocked him, but the devious Callihan gouged his best friend’s eyes. Callihan dragged Swann up to the stage and dropped him with a piledriver. Callihan pretended to walk away as the refs checked on Swann, but Callihan came back to attack him again, sending him through a table to the side of the stage.
It was still unknown what oVe did to Willie Mack in the back, but considering what Callihan just did to his former protégé, we could only assume the worst.

Team Impact continued to fight, even while they made their way down to the ring. It was full of combustible elements, as it seemed that Callihan wouldn’t be getting along with any of his teammates. Team AAA, however, was led by Psycho Clown, and all four men came out united.
Psycho Clown started off with Sami Callihan. A few counters led to Callihan knocking Clown to the mat with a clothesline. Clown wasn’t down for long, though, going up top and bringing down Callihan with a flying cross body followed by a power slam. Clown tagged in Aerostar, who was launched into Callihan by Clown for a flying missile dropkick.
.@Psychooriginal flies in with a crossbody. #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/oO5wxvo2By
Callihan sent Aerostar into the ropes, where Aerostar took Callihan down with a flying rolling crossbody. However, he was dropped on the turnbuckle on his face by Callihan, who tagged in Drake. Drake immediately overpowered Aerostar, sending the luchador crashing to the mat with the pop up reverse powerslam.
.@TheEliDrake changes the momentum of the match with an incredible powerslam. #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/OZVu0AyuzD
Aerostar managed to quickly tag in Vikingo, who countered another pop up reverse powerslam into a tilt-a-whirl DDT.
Drake escaped Vikingo, tagging in Edwards. Vikingo sent Edwards outside with a hurricanrana, but Eddie cut off his suicide dive when he ran back in and dropped him with a lariat. Vikingo managed to stun him with a rolling roundhouse kick and tag in Puma King. King connected with a combination of kicks, but as he took Edwards to the corner, the former Impact World Champion caught him with the Backpack Stunner.
Edwards tagged in Bah, who slammed King down with the belly to belly suplex. Bah rolled across King, then pointed to Callihan, who tagged himself in. At this point, the match broke down, with all men brawling. Team AAA sent Team Impact packing, but Callihan and Drake came around from behind, sending AAA outside. Callihan slid outside to avoid Clown, who dove over the ropes, taking out Callihan and Bah.
.@aaaerostar1 descends from the cosmos! #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/NDccBNKrS2
King sent Edwards outside and dove onto Bah and Edwards. Aerostar leaped off the ropes with a double jump flying crossbody onto Edwards and Drake. Bah decided to dive at this point, but stopped at the ropes, gingerly crossing to the apron before leaping on top of the group on the outside.
El Hijo Del Vikingo is INSANELY GOOD! #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/Ct9eCbt0kH
Vikingo landed on all seven men with a 630 senton. He went up top for another dive, but Drake caught him, bringing him to the outside with a powerslam.
Edwards came in with Kenny, but Drake told him they didn’t need that. Drake then stole Kenny, and Edwards yanked it away before he could hit King with it on the inside. Thanks to the distraction Puma King was able to pin Drake, eliminating him first.
First Elimination: Puma King pinned Eli Drake
Back from commercial, Callihan choked out Puma King then tagged in Fallah Bah. Bah slammed Callihan on top of King. He picked up King but was stunned with a superkick, allowing King to tag in Vikingo. Vikingo sent Edwards off the apron, then Bah into the corner with a hurricanrana.
.@FALLAH1 eliminates Vikingo! #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/FMjjjB6Eis
Callihan came inside but was immediately dropped with a springboard Codebreaker. Edwards attempted to stop Vikingo’s momentum but was taken out easily. Bah took a lot of kicks from Vikingo, but caught him for a running powerslam, eliminating him.
Second Elimination: Fallah Bah pinned Hijo del Vikingo
Aerostar immediately came in with a missile dropkick and seemingly had Bah on the ropes. Bah caught him with a crossbody, though. In the corner, he went for the Banzai Drop. Aerostar avoided, rolling up the big man and taking him out.
Third Elimination: Aerostar pinned Fallah Bah
.@aaaerostar1 nails an amazing rolling cutter. #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/WLMc1Sl1Kn
Callihan came in and brought Aerostar to the corner, tagging in Edwards. Aerostar dropped Edwards with a springboard cutter, but Edwards countered with the Boston Knee Party.
Fourth Elimination: Eddie Edwards pinned Aerostar
Edwards tagged in Callihan, who powerbombed Puma King, followed up by a running knee to the chest and a piledriver, bringing the match down to a 2 v 1, advantage Impact.
.@TheSamiCallihan gives Team IMPACT a 2-1 lead! #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/8kHNvdD0Xx
Fifth Elimination: Sami Callihan pinned Puma King
Psycho Clown seemed ready for a fight, taking on Callihan and Edwards at once. Clown went off the ropes but was met with an elbow from Edwards followed by a neckbreaker from Callihan. Another Boston Knee Party would’ve finished the match, but Callihan attempted to steal the win, allowing Clown to kick out. Callihan was rolled up.
Sixth Elimination: Psycho Clown pinned Sami Callihan
.@Psychooriginal WIPES OUT @TheEddieEdwards. #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/pJIVwe7tnV
Clown and Edwards traded chops and punches in the middle of the ring. Clown sent Edwards into the corner, but he slid outside instead, only to be followed with a suicide dive. Back inside, Edwards dropped Clown with a double underhook powerbomb.
Clown kicked out and fought back, bringing Edwards down with the Sliced Bread No. 2. Edwards kicked out. Edwards hit Clown with two clotheslines but was distracted by Eli Drake, who was holding Kenny. Drake hit Edwards with Kenny when the ref’s back was turned, allowing Clown to finish him with the backstabber and a roll up.
Congratulations to @luchalibreaaa on their well earned victory in the 2019 World Cup. #IMPACT WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/HzMtFabWcD
Result: Team AAA defeated Team Impact for the World Cup

During the commercial, it was announced that Reno Scum was returning to Impact Wrestling in two weeks.
Reno Scum return to IMPACT in 2 weeks! #IMPACT @Thornstowe_Scum @legendbaby81WATCH NOW – https://t.co/jyZYT6QL46 pic.twitter.com/hyHnwi2E4s

Footage was shown from last week’s Impact Tag Team Title match, where the Lucha Bros defeated LAX to win the titles. After the bout, Konnan went in on LAX after they lost the championship, but he said they’ll get another opportunity at them soon, and when they did, they would have to follow his lead. Ortiz and Santana agreed.
It was also revealed that when Impact Wrestling heads to Las Vegas, Scarlett Bordeaux will make her in-ring debut for the company. Impact heads to Vegas next week, where their next few shows will take place.
All four traded strikes in the middle of the ring. Impact tossed Moose outside then leaped onto him as Cage and Kross fought inside. Cage sent Kross running with a dropkick, then dove over the top ropes, landing on all three competitors. Cage rolled Impact back inside the ring. Cage tanked through a few kicks but eventually fell to a flying calf kick.
😀😠😡#IMPACT @realKILLERkross pic.twitter.com/L2OwPIPyFd
Moose and Kross got back in, dropping Impact with a double powerbomb. Kross prevented the pin, and they dropped Cage with the same maneuver. Moose allowed Kross to go for the pin before rolling him up. Kross kicked out and sent him over with an exploder suplex.
Back to his feet, Impact dropped Kross with the Moonlight Drive. Impact dealt some more damage to Cage, then turned around into a low blow by Moose. Moose dropkicked Cage and Kross, then brought Morrison down from the top rope with the Go To Hell.
.@MrGMSI_BCage JUST GERMAN SUPLEXED BOTH @realKILLERkross AND @TheMooseNation AT ONCE! #IMPACT pic.twitter.com/V8xlS218v9
Cage broke up the pin, sending Moose into Kross before sending them both across the ring with a connected German suplex. Impact, on the apron, was deadlifted by Cage inside with a suplex. A discus clothesline to Kross was avoided, and Kross locked in the KrossJacket choke. Moose broke up the submission, and this was where the match broke up into a brawl.
.@TheRealMorrison with a springboard spear! #IMPACT pic.twitter.com/5J6vl7CPSE
All four men were left on the mat after Impact brought Cage down with the springboard spear. Impact was back to his feet first and went up top. Moose stopped him, followed by Cage, then Kross, who brought everyone down with the Tower of Doom. Kross attempted to pin Impact, but the champion kicked out. Kross and Moose locked in submission holds on Impact while Cage choked out Kross with the Dragon Sleeper.
.@realKILLERkross takes out everybody! #IMPACT pic.twitter.com/BF8ZnkEjPH
Kross escaped for a northern lights suplex. Cage kicked out. At some point, Impact escaped Moose’s leglock. In the corner, Kross and Moose landed a tandem of kicks on Cage. A rolling discus from Moose was met by a Saito suplex from Kross. Kross was then dropped by the Impact Kick.
Moose dropped the champion with a pop-up powerbomb followed by a running senton. Thankfully for Impact, Cage managed to break up the pin. Cage and Moose avoided multiple discus clotheslines. A Drill Claw to Moose allowed Impact to pick up the pieces while Cage was distracted by Kross.
.@MrGMSI_BCage had the World Championship right within his fingertips once again… But @TheRealMorrison escaped with the title by the skin of his teeth. #IMPACT pic.twitter.com/pzg4gPZIhB
Cage brought Kross down with the Drill Claw, but Impact pinned Moose after Starship Pain before the Machine could capitalize, retaining the belt.
Result: Johnny Impact defeated Moose via pinfall to retain the Impact World championship

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